Are You Encouraging Termites?

No one knowingly hangs a sign on their front door saying: “Termites  are Welcome Here!” But unfortunately, most homes have conditions that practically beg termites to invade. One of those “welcome” signs for termites is excess moisture in the structure. This is a common problem in Nigerian Homes.  Moisture problems found include:   Improperly drained air conditioners, leaks in the roof, windows, and gutters, poor drainage around the foundation, and sprinklers spraying water onto the side of homes. Excess moisture attracts termites and many other wood-destroying pests, so fix these today. Don’t invite termites to move in!

Here are some other important steps to take to discourage these home destroying pests.

Do not allow shrubs to even partially block any air vents.Make sure no wood in and around your home is directly contacting the soil.

Remove pieces of wood, roots, and cardboard buried or lying on the soil.

Call us on 07044405763 to  professionally inspect all potential termite problem areas on a regular basis (if we are not already doing this), and treat if needed. We can save you money by catching an infestation early, before extensive damage is done, our inspections and treatments can help prevent termites from ever getting started in your home.