Go Gecko


“Go gecko”, that’s what my son told me about the product he had sprayed around
the walls in and out of my house, believe it or not the products work is amazing, and
it worked beyond my expectations that’s why I would love to recommend it to anyone who is tired of the mess they leave on the walls and wants to get rid of geckos
peacefully, and enjoy a peaceful night bath, without geckos looking to fall into a tub.
So on behalf of my son, I would like to thank the company which developed this
product and its safe way of use as an animal lover, because it only repels and
doesn’t kill and it’s non-toxic to my toddlers which I don’t want to repel. Thanks for
a wonderful product.


Go Gecko


Go Gecko is environmentally friendly and Non-toxic, and designed to be used indoors and outdoors. When applied to an affected area which has geckos, the product adheres to the surface and allows a slow release of the active chemical ingredient into the air around the spray site, causing geckos temporary distress to their respiratory system, this chases them away.
The product lasts for a period of two (2) weeks once applied. In highly infested
area’s more regular spraying will be necessary.


Go Gecko is a silicone based product which encapsulates the active chemical ingredient allowing a slow release into the air of the area that it is applied to.
The product needs to be shaken well before use, in order to activate the airborne properties within the bottle.

Apply to area’s normally negatively affected by geckos, eg alarm infrared sensors which emit false alarm signals when a gecko walks over them, electronic equipment that runs warm such as photocopy machines, fax machines, Switchboard PABX boxes, telephone boxes exposed to the sun, electricity boxes, air-conditioning units, gate
motors, alarm control boxes, computers PC boards are burnt when a gecko crawls across the contacts, light fittings etc…

The regular application of Go Gecko around this equipment will stop the geckos
from entering into the panels and will minimise damage.
Typically it can be applied to the windowsills, air vents, air bricks, doorways and any other entry points. A fine mist spray applied to these areas will
be affective.
One 500ml bottle of Go Gecko will allow a 60 -70 metre spray line.
Size: 500ml


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