Guardiano EC 50


Guardiano EC 50


Guardiano EC 50     (500ml)

Active Ingredient: Pirimiphos Methyl

A Contact insecticide that is highly recommended by WHO Pesticide Evaluation Scheme for indoor residual spraying and space spraying to control flies, mosquitoes and cockroaches and food storage pest.

Key Features
• Broad spectrum insecticide
• Contains pirimiphos-methyl as an active ingredient (organophosphate)
• Two method applications: surface spraying and space spraying
• Effective against insects that are resistant to pyrethoid and carbamate

Key Benefits
• Ideal for vector control insecticide rotation program
• Recommended for vector control

  • Low toxicity to humans, mammals, reptiles, poultry and fish
    • Non-carcinogenic and non-corossive


It’s widely used to protect storehouses and crops. It inhibits fungus growing, sterilizes bacteria and shows activity against a wide spectrum of insect pests, including ants, aphids, beetles, caterpillars, cockroaches, fleas, flies, mites, mosquitoes, moths and thrips. It ensures lasting control of insect pests on inert surfaces such as wood, carpets and masonry and retains its biological activity when applied to stored agricultural commodities including raw grain and nuts.


MIXING: ADMIXTURE – is highly recommended for urban pests.

APPLICATION – GUARDIANO 50 EC can be applied to walls, floors, ceilings, roofs, bin surfaces using knapsack or motorized sprayer.

For residual control of surfaces apply 400-500 mL of Guardiano 50 EC in 15  liters of water per 500 m’ . Use higher volumes when treating absorbent surfaces. Spray to wet all surfaces but not to cause run·off. In treating inaccessible areas e.g roofs, apply by fogging at the rate of 50 to 100 mL of Guardiano 50 EC per 450 mL of kerosene as diluent. Apply into 500 m’ air space.

BAGGED GRAIN TREATMENT – To treat bagged grain, seeds etc., dilute 50-100 mL Guardiano  EC with 2.5 liters of water and apply by knapsack sprayer to 100 m’ of bagged ma!erial. Treat the floor and each bag as the stack is built up. Finish by spraying the top and sides of the stack. These treatments will control insects within the bag and protect against further attack.

See back of container label for more specific recommendation for the control of flies, roaches, mosquitoes etc


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