PCN Bedbug Killer Powder


PCN Bedbug Killer Powder

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PCN Bed bug Killing Powder 100g is a highly effective bed bug control product, kills bug adults, nymphs and eggs fast on contact with 100% efficacy. After the bed bug contacts the powder, it loses its crawling and feeding capability thus death within a few days.

Smell: No odour

Colour: off white

Active ingredient:1% Ivermectin

Target pest: Bedbug, fleas, lice


Note: Bed bugs stay within1.5 meters of the bed, and 95% of them are in the bed or chair, so focus application on areas within this areas.


  1. Quick effect, bedbugs begin to die after 4 days, and all of them die in10 days.
  2. Kills all the bedbugs in one time, and effective up to1 year.
  3. Safe to human, non-allergenic if the powder falls on skin.
  4. Can be used for killing fleas and lice.

 Application methods:

  1. Remove and clean the bed sheets, pillow cases and quilts. You can wash with hot water.
  2. Remove the mattress. Deal with the joint between the bed board and the bed frame with bedbug killing powder, and also the side seams of mattress.
  3. Deal with the gap between the mattress and the bed board with bedbug killing powder.
  4. Deal with the gap between the back of the bed frame and the wall, and the gap in the cabinet and skirting lines around the bed with bedbug killing powder.

 In cases of heavy infestation, the bed bugs may be found all around the room most commonly in the following places:

  • Folds of curtains
  • Seams of chairs and couches
  • Behind wall hangings
  • Edges of electrical outlets and window frames

 Attention: Do not sweep off the powder, and there will be no bedbugs within one year.

Keep it at where kids and pets cannot reach.


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