Snap Rat Trap

  • Superior rat capture.
  • (Big & Small) Easy to use, durable, and reusable.
  • Patented, interlocking teeth make rat escapes virtually impossible.


Snap Rat Trap



How to Use 

  1. The top rule for using any rat trap is to use plenty of traps. You may need more traps than you think is warranted when trapping rats. Usually, the population is larger than expected.
  2. Place rat traps in high-activity areas of the rat colony. These areas may include darkened corners, along walls, behind appliances and objects, and all areas where droppings are evident. Since rats need to touch surfaces as they move, place them accordingly
  3. Place rat traps spaced from 15-20 feet apart. Remember to place them with snap face touching a wall, since rats like to run along walls in order to avoid detection It will help to deratt if traps are baited and placed for a few days before setting them to trap.
  4. Since rats prefer enclosed, safe locations, use PCN Bait Stations with the Snap traps. This will shelter the rat; encouraging it to enter and protect non-targeted animals and children from the harm of the snap trap


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