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Cockroaches are one of the most common pests infesting homes, marine vessels, and apartments. They are especially troublesome where food is prepared, and proper hygiene is lacking.

Cockroaches and produce 120-320 eggs in their lifetime and may transfer E. coli and salmonella from one food source to another.


Features of Common Cockroaches in Nigeria

Brown-banded cockroach: (Supella longipalpa) Surinam cockroach:  they are about one inch in length, dark black or brown with olive-green or dark brown wings, small size, and stout with a shiny, shield-shaped head.


American cockroach: (Periplaneta americana) are the largest cockroaches commonly found in homes. Adults can grow up to 53 mm in length. They are reddish-brown to brown in colour, with light yellow bands around the shield behind the head, both males and females of this species have wings and can fly short distances. Can live up to two years and are commonly found in households sewage chambers and where food is stored.


German cockroach: Blattella germanica) are one the most common species. They measure 13 to 16 mm long and are pale brown in colour, with two dark-brown stripes behind the head. These insects typically live up to 12 months and produce more eggs than other species. Commonly found in Garbage containers, kitchen cabinets and under sinks, cracks, and holes etc



From PCN Roach Killer Gel baits to residual insecticide dust and liquid insecticides, we apply appropriate and effective solutions that will eliminate cockroach colonies and keep area safe from cockroaches for longer periods. 

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